A Modern And Quaint 3 BHK Flat Design With Just The Right Amount Of Flair

A modern home designed with neutral colour palette and few warm tones to keep it from being too over stimulating. Ample usage of wood, stone and fabric textures for an understated industrial feel.

Special Features
Special Features
  • Simple yet sophisticated design where less is more.
  • A wardrobe with pull out study table makes innovative use of space in the master bedroom.
  • Textured wall paint adds depth and character to the design without being too loud in the living room.
  • A combined space for kitchen and dining area to leverage the best use of both spaces.
  • 3D Panel for TV unit to add a bit of pop.
  • A children’s room in white and yellow with a bunk bed and the map of the world as wallpaper make this space a fun room.
  • A study unit with open box shelves and closed cabinets provide ample storage space for books and toys.
  • A foyer area with side cabinet for storage, a w long single wall shelf to display knick-knacks and hooks on the wall to hang rackets.
  • A bathroom in black, bown and white colour scheme with a glass partition separating the shower area from sink / toilet.
  • A floating vanity unit under the sink with wood finished laminate lends a classy look.-

A Well Lit 3BHK With Space-Saving Furniture

A well lit 3BHK home with space-saving furniture, an open kitchen and woodwork throughout. The white flooring makes the house look spacious and airy; the textured wallpaper in the dining room adds depth to the interiors.

Special Features
  • A modular L Shaped kitchen with handleless overhead cabinets, base cabinets, drawers and shelves for storage and display of kitchen essentials.
  •  A breakfast counter with two tall chairs to entertain guests while preparing your favourite meals.
  •  A tiled backsplash with LED-strip lighting to illuminate your kitchen beautifully and lend warmth to your space.
  •  Three open shelves on the base of the breakfast counter to showcase some crockery and decor elements.
  •  A spacious living room with a comfortable sofa, two accent chairs and a coffee table.
  •  A TV unit with push-to-open drawers and open shelves to showcase your decor items.
  •  The wood panelling, elaborate wall piece, pendant light and floor rug lend a warm and cosy vibe to the space.
  •  The six-seater dining table finished in wood and the tapered legged chairs bring in a mid-century vibe to this space.
  •  The textured wallpaper and cone pendant light stitches together the look of the space wonderfully.
  •  The master bedroom has pastel-coloured walls with a window on one side to let in ample natural light.
  •  The stunning floral wallpaper, a petite side table with a vase on it and pendant lights add to the beauty of the bedroom.
  •  A wardrobe with sliding doors, a mirror with hidden storage, a dressing table and a TV unit with floating shelves and drawers add to the functionality of the space.
  •  A kid’s room with pink and blue walls, a single wooden cot and a wardrobe.
  •  A study table with a floating bookshelf and closed cabinet.
  •  A minimalistic style bathroom with a wooden vanity unit that has ample storage space, marble flooring and a glass partition to separate the shower area.
  •  A back lighted mirror, bowl-shaped sink and open shelves to place candles, small indoor plants and toiletries add to the bathroom’s aesthetics.
  •  The guest room has a queen-size bed, a wardrobe with a sliding door, an entertainment unit and a vanity unit with hidden storage; an upholstered stool helps you doll up comfortably.
  •  The false ceiling with spotlights and the Sputnik chandelier helps bring together the look of this space.

A Vibrant and Fun 3BHK Flat Interior Design

A neatly designed 3BHK home that is a fusion of different interior styles and vibrant colors to suit the unique tastes of the occupants of each space. From the eclectic living room, to the uber cool bedrooms and a classic kitchen design, you will see a wide array of finishes used from laminates, to lacquered glass and duco that have been used to craft this one of a kind home.

Special Features
Special Features
  • Sliding wardrobe with lacquered glass in the master bedroom and guest bedroom.
  • A unique abstract wall paint design in the living room that’s subtle yet eclectic.
  • Extensive attention is given to the walls with wallpaper, wall panels, wall paint to give each room its own flavour.
  • A false ceiling has been included in the design of every room to add more character to the space and to incorporate soft cove lighting.
  • A modular crockery unit that adds extra value to the dining area is neatly finished off with decorative mirror.
  • Bold use of duco paint in red and white gives this kitchen a vibrant look along with a checkered backsplash and patterned floor tiles.

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