Italian Kitchens

Experience the finesse and flexibility of Italian Style Kitchen that fit well into the interiors

Special Features

Italian Kitchen designs have always been associated with creativity and flair. Italian Kitchens are the authentic style premium kitchen range giving a timeless look to the entire kitchen space.

Experience the finesse and flexibility of Italian Style Kitchen that fit well into the interiors

The Italian kitchen runs the gamut from a rustic and traditional look to modern and minimalist. No matter what you prefer, TEL Kitchens incorporate elements of Italian Kitchen Design to bring out the masterpiece of your home.

A L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design With A Tiled Backsplash

This modular kitchen has floral printed tiles that make this space more charming. Inspired by the colours of the sea, this kitchen interiors is soothing to look at and spacious to work in with its clever storage solutions.

Special Features
  • An oil pull out.
  • A skirting drawer.
  • Cabinets with frosted glass.

A Duco Finish Kitchen In Dual Colour Tone

The pastel shade of this kitchen lends a young and chic look perfect for urban couples. This kitchen provides ample free space for free-flow movement, perfect for couples who love to cook together.

Special Features
  • A kitchen designed in pretty pastel shades for a youthful and vibrant look.
  • The overhead cabinets have handled less storage units to keep all your pantry essentials.
  • A crockery unit with a frosted glass shutter to keep your expensive crockery and dinner set safe.
  • The base cabinet has drawers and multiple pull-out units for a hassle-free culinary experience.
  • A Quartz countertop to lend a luxury appeal to the entire space.
  • A heavy-duty chimney and in-built hob unit to keep your kitchen clean and oil-free.

Why Choose Us For Your Modular Kitchen Designs

20% EXTRA Storage

Installation by Professionals

5 Years Warranty

A Kitchen Design With Magnificent Marble And Wood

This modern kitchen has organic elements such as timber to give a premium organic look. Neutral colours are used for a seamless and clean appearance. A generous use of white marble brings this kitchen to a new level of elegance.

Special Features
  • A sequence of pull out drawers to store crockery and utentsils
  • A skirting drawer that uses dead space beneath
  • Overhead cabinets with open shelf storage
  • A marble countertop and backsplash

A Parallel Shaped Modular Kitchen Design

This parallel shaped kitchen designed in yellow and grey keeps up with Pantone’s colour of 2021. A tiled backsplash brings in fun and character to this cooking space.

Special Features
  • A patterned tiled backsplash in yellow and white makes this space fun and bright.
  • Handleless overhead and base cabinets lend a seamless look.
  • Open shelves to display jars or other small items breaks the monotony of cabinets.
  • A chimney has been built into the design to keep this space smoke free.