Cottage Style Beds - A Blog from our Female Designers POV doing interior for her Bedroom

Cottage Style Beds - A Blog from our Female Designers POV doing interior for her Bedroom

A Blog from our Female Designers POV doing interior for her Bedroom

With our moving date quickly approaching and the new baby coming so soon, I promised myself I wouldn’t take on the pressure of filling our empty house with furniture just for the sake of filling it — it’s just not realistic. Instead, I’m excited to take my time and go room by room buying pieces that I truly love and make sense for each space. That being said, there are a few pieces of furniture we do NEED — one of them being our bed.

In our current bedroom, we have the prettiest upholstered bed that has served us well over the last few years. But we finally have room in the new primary bedroom for a king-sized bed so we decided to take full advantage of the upgrade and buy a new one.

This time around I’ve been mainly looking at cottage-style beds. Cottage-style furniture is simple and usually made out of wood or metal that is painted or stained. You can spot a cottage-style bed by it’s large headboard and details like intricately turned legs and bed posts.

I’m especially into the black cottage-style beds, I think the color just gives off a modern flair that feels really fresh. Although I have to admit, it took some convincing to get Aarush on-board with a black bed (“No Aarush, a black bed is NOT spooky!”)

Here are a few photos that have really inspired me to go in this direction for our bedroom:

Lucky for us, choosing bed placement is super easy in our new room because there’s really only one spot it can go: smack dab in the middle of these two large windows. In the near future I plan on flanking the bed with two large side-tables, picking out a cool light fixture, hanging curtains on the windows, adding a cozy textured rug and maybe even doing a fun paint color in here?! The room is a blank canvas so it will be fun to make it feel special for Aarush and I.

On my search for the perfect cottage-style bed I found so many cool options that I thought I would round up some of my favorites for you at every price point — including the one I ordered! Can you guess which one it is?

Ok, I won’t leave you in suspense. We finally decided to go ahead and order this bed. The price point, the color, the charming turned posts and the quick-ship option was what eventually sold me on this one. It’s scheduled to arrive on Friday so fingers crossed it comes in one piece and stay tuned for a sneak peek!

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