These cool, crisp colour schemes will give your home a seasonal update.

Now is the time to break out the paintbrushes and paint your home in a bright summer hue. The season calls for tones that evoke fresh flowers in bloom, cool breezes, and beautiful sunny afternoons. Make the most of summer by taking advantage of these stylish yet functional colour schemes that will give your home a quick, seasonal makeover.

1. Marigold Yellow for Summer Decor

How can you think of summer without thinking of yellow? With a splash of sunshine, the bright, happy colour can transform any room. The popular colour is a favourite during the hot months because it creates a sense of warmth and cosiness. Consider lemonade glasses, vases filled with marigolds and daffodils, and rooms that appear lively. Marigold yellow is an excellent choice for a hacienda-style home. Yellow also balances a room, making it appear cheerful and energetic, because it goes well with both lighter and darker tones.

2. Coral is the colour of the season

A muted coral is a vibrant yet mellow colour that can be used in any room of your home. According to colour psychology, orange and peach shades elicit creative energies. Coral, which is known to promote playful expression and optimism, can also be used to change the mood of a home and can be introduced through accent pillows, rugs, or throws. This colour can pop up and transform any room into a timeless, sophisticated space when paired with dark furniture or marble accents.

3. Summer Color Scheme: Sky Blue

Sky blue is a gorgeous, cool colour for your home's interiors. Whether on the walls or as an accent colour for furniture, the colour gives the entire interior a very summery, fun vibe. For a new look, incorporate pale blue décor into wall tiles, sinks, chairs, or vanities. This colour can complement graphic wall art and add a touch of styles ranging from modern to minimalism when paired with grey, white, or black for a sophisticated look, or bolder colours like mustard or green for a more bold look.

4. Light Turquoise: A Summer Colour

A light turquoise interior, associated with Caribbean waters and Tiffany boxes, can have the most calming and soothing effect in any room. This one-of-a-kind colour can be used to break up the monotony of any room. To make any room feel unique and vibrant, add rugs, window treatments, or even curtains and chairs. The adaptable colour can be used to create any theme, from vintage to chic beach-inspired homes.

5. Beige is the colour of summer

A swath of beige with rustic accents can add a modern whimsy to any room. Put a unique spin on the traditional colour by combining it with a hint of red to keep the overall look from looking too bold. Yellow goes with almost everything, from coral to ocean blue. Beige walls can be combined with bolder accents such as colourful throw pillows or graphic wall art to create the ideal combination.

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