Gain a HappyLivein home in 3 easy steps. (1) Book an appointment and meet us (2) Tell us about your dream aesthetic (3) Get your transformed home within the promised timeline (and move in!)
HappyLivein Interiors provides end-to-end interior design and turnkey solutions for homes using state of the art technology and a professionally trained design team to create designer homes for people just like you.
Every interior design project is unique at HappyLivein. We customize each home to the customer's taste and budget. The pricing of interior design projects depends upon the size of your apartment, materials and finishes you choose and design selection. We have a software that we use to calculate the price of each project basis the design inputs.
We will bring about the change you have in mind — whether in your entire house or just one part of it. Get in touch with us and we will show you how we can build your home.
Our professional design services include the following services: 1) Customized design as per your requirements within the standard framework of HappyLivein Interiors modules. 2) Helping you visualize your space using base 3d modeling software. 3) High-Quality 3d renders for only Bedrooms, Kitchens and Living rooms which are part of the order with HappyLivein – you can see your home in 3d. 4) Professional design services will be provided for a period of 60 days from the date of sign up with HappyLivein Interiors with a free extension of 15 days in case of delays. 5) Electrical modification plans and false ceiling plans if the same are ordered with HappyLivein Interiors. 6) Material selection and recommendations for entire order with HappyLivein Interiors. 7) Lighting, wallpaper and wall decor recommendations and selections as part of selection visits.
The custom design process starts after you sign up with HappyLivein and have paid the 5% advance.
Since each HappyLivein home is designed and custom made for you, it takes between 15 -30 days to design based on your requirements and feedback. Your designer will give you a more accurate timeline at your first meeting.
HappyLivein Interiors and its team of designers have designed 500+ homes across India and have won multiple design awards. Our homes have been featured in various magazines like Home Review and Society Interiors. All our designers receive quality training as to industry best-practices and trends to ensure you receive the best and most professional design advice on the market. Most importantly, we love creating homes and are passionate about what we do… creativity is our lifeblood and nothing gives us greater joy than a home delivered above your expectation.
Booking a consultation is easy with HappyLivein Interiors, it takes less than one minute, just click the ‘Book Appointment’ button on the top right-hand corner of the page and our team will then get in touch with you within 24 hours to fix your personal design consultation with our awesome design team.
The consultation takes place at your site or at a HappyLivein Interiors experience centre near you or through virtual meetings as per your convenience. At the experience centre, you can not only meet our designers but also touch and feel our amazing products and unmatched quality.
Our professional interior designers are trained and experienced in creating designer homes that are aesthetically beautiful and functional within the client’s budget. They will help you navigate through the maze that home interiors is, helping you understand how to best use your space, what colors will work well and even what kind of lighting to use. Our team will also help you understand various materials in the market and what is best suited for your home and needs. In the end, you will be crafting a designer home using our professional expertise, making your everyday better. Interior Design is successful when it is about how things work- and in the case of home interiors, it is finding a space for what you need in your life. That, in essence, is what HappyLivein will do for you.
At HappyLivein we have tested certain materials and finishes which we believe work best for Indian conditions and we work only with these materials. For a detailed reference of materials and brands we work with, please check your estimate or ask your dedicated designer to share the list.
We at HappyLivein aim to bring you a one-of-a-kind Design & Build experience, which means we will do almost anything to bring your dream home to life. So you can relax and our team will take care of everything. All extra services like civil work, electrical, false ceiling can be taken up by HappyLivein. These will be based on our standard fixed rates which include labor management and installation on your behalf. The Final cost of these services will be made as per actuals after signup and site visits & measurements will be a part of your final estimate or bill.